Accomplished Trial Attorney And Business Attorney: San Diego Area

Unsuccessful trial representation and corporate legal inefficiencies cost otherwise successful businesses untold sums, draining profits, sapping corporate morale and stunting financial growth. You do not have to let these problems erode your business.

JW Howard Attorneys draws on the successful trial work of attorney John W. Howard to provide businesses with the solutions they need. We regularly address and remediate problems for our clients in and out of the courtroom, both as trial firm of record and as legal consultants, thus increasing profits and laying the necessary groundwork for future growth.

Accomplished Trial Attorney And Knowledgeable Business Legal Services

When working with our firm's business clients, John Howard draws on more than 30 years of experience as a successful trial lawyer in high-profile and sophisticated corporate matters. In the course of building his practice as a trial attorney, he has also successfully managed corporate legal costs and identified opportunities for increased profitability. This experience has produced a number of notable trial and Business successes, including:

  • Serving as general counsel of one of San Diego's largest and most successful privately held companies
  • Litigating more than 100 matters effectively and in a cost-efficient manner
  • Reducing outside legal costs by more than $1 million
  • Instituting internal corporate practices responsible for reducing claims by 80 percent
  • Effectively litigating unavoidable matters
  • Negotiating protective agreements to prevent costly disputes from arising in the first place
  • And more

Demonstrated Corporate Knowledge. Proven Practical Strategies.

Mr. Howard understands how to deliver these results for clients because he works with each client on an individual basis. This level of personalized legal attention means that Mr. Howard takes the time to learn the unique business needs and goals of each client. He can then meaningfully tailor his legal advice to those client-specific concerns.

We encourage potential clients to schedule a complimentary initial consult with our California firm by calling 619-234-2842. We can also be reached by way of email. All communications between our firm and any potential clients remain entirely confidential.